What people say....

We’ve given you the answers, now it’s time to hear some of our glowing reports from our lovely students and parents…  

We wouldn’t be where we are without you. When we receive positive feedback and ‘glowing reports’ it gives us the inspiration we need to keep on delivering our outstanding services. It’s our passion and there’s nothing better than knowing we’re doing a good job. We want to thank every last one of our incredible parents and students for making our centre what it is today – we couldn’t have done it without you.

I strongly recommend Jan without a second thought!

Having had a not so satisfied assessment and programme from a tutor earlier for our son, we were a bit wary to try another. However, there was an urgent need to since we wanted our son, who was then in a public school to have extra coaching to support him and prepare him to the level expected in sitting for assessments into independent schools.

Consequently, we decided to try out Southampton Tuition Centre. I must say, the first thing that convinced me that this was the right place with the right tutors for our son was the assessment - frank and honest comments, recognising the exact needs and how it can and would be met etc; then the openness and being brought on board each step of the lesson, with feedbacks.

Also, the 80mins per lesson per subject is priceless when compared to the amount charged. There is also flexibility, in that the tutors incorporate verbal/non-verbal reasoning as required to meet the needs of the child without any extra charge. To be honest, the pros are countless. To the end, I strongly recommended 2 families, whose children now attend and are forever grateful, and overwhelmed by the prompt and receptive approach of the tutors.

To wrap this up, our son's maturity was not only recognised by his teachers @ school but his maturity and focus was tremendous; and he has gone on to excel in all his exams to 2 outstanding independent schools; with being offered a subject scholarship in one of them; and we are now having a task of choice.
I strongly recommend Jan without a second thought!


I really can't say enough...

When my son began to struggle with literacy at school, I decided to look for a private tutor to help him get back on track. Having spent some time researching various private tutors, I was recommended Jan Long. Following his free assessment, Jan was able to plan the best course of action for my son, in order to regain his confidence and help him achieve a level of literacy she knew he was capable of.

Having lessons in a centre means my son can focus on his studies without the distractions he would have if he were tutored at home, whilst also being able to mix with peers and have an enjoyable time whilst learning. Both Jan and Linda, his personal tutor, have been amazing, supporting my son and me through some tough times, and the outcome has been fantastic. The praise he received and the continuous encouragement and gentle 'pushing' has made my son realise his potential. The ethos and values presented by Jan are on a par with my own, and the method in which the children learn is great.

I now have a very happy, confident child, who enjoys writing, reading and learning, and who no longer shies away from a workbook and pencil! I cannot recommend Jan and her team enough if you are looking for extra tuition for your child.


Fantastic work

Thank you for the fantastic work you've done with Melany. We all feel she's benefited a lot from the time you've spent together, both technically and gaining in confidence.


Confidence grew

Zain grew in confidence in his maths when he joined Southampton Tuition Centre. His mental maths used to amaze his maths teacher. He misses not coming in and now that he will be starting GCSEs soon I plan to bring him back to restart his tuition with Jan.


In just 2 months of attending Southampton Tuition Centre my nephew has improved his Maths & English comprehension levels from below target levels to a level above. This also seems to have helped his work either in other subjects as he has improved in 10 out of 13 subjects overall in his school report.

Ian B

Best decision ever...

One year ago I found out my daughter was very behind in her maths and English and after asking for help from her school was surprised to be turned down and told she would catch up but I knew she needed the help but didn’t know where to turn. I found an advert on the internet and thought it would be worth a try, within an hour I had a reply and my daughter was invited to an assessment. Well what can I say? Within minutes my daughter went from shy, very nervous to something quite amazing I knew from that moment I had made the best decision ever for her.

In 1 year she has made amazing progress! She works hard, does her homework. Yes homework! And all the hard work is starting to show. This couldn’t have been done without 2 very amazing people who have the patience of saints. They work in small groups and with mixed abilities. I would recommend this to anyone. Always go with your gut, your school is not always right. At the end of the day you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Thanks again for everything you have done for Lillie.