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Jan 07, 2017

“You never know what you are going to write until you start writing” 
Bangambiki HabyarimanaPearls Of Eternity

When I was expecting my first child, a very dear friend told me that children are only on loan.  As a parent (and now grandparent) I take my responsibility very seriously.  As a teacher I'm privileged that parents 'loan' me their children on a very regular basis.  I am blessed with their trust.  With that privilege comes the responsibility of being there for that child, helping them become unique individuals who will add to this worlds richness with their own unique talents.   

In the UK, 'Society' takes a role in the upbringing of our children.  Initially parents are supported by medical professionals and health visitors who help monitor young children’s development in terms of weight, height, lifting head, crawling, babbling, walking etc.  But as children grow and move into the realm of education it’s not always as clear how they are developing.    

Recent changes to the way children are assessed in school have been quite confusing for everybody involved in education; particularly parents.  Now children are ‘working towards / meeting or exceeding’ expectations.  This phrasing is great so long as you know what those expectations actually are and frankly from the child’s point of view this is no different.  They need to know what is actually expected of them.   

So I've decided to write a book!  The idea behind this book is to help you understand not only what those expectations are but to give you ways of expanding your child’s opportunity to practice the skills and explore the concepts outside of the formal school environment in a fun way.  

As a teacher I often share ideas with both my students and their parents.  So if I've shared an idea with you that you've enjoyed and/or found has helped your child to learn then I'd love to hear back from you. I'll of course acknowledge any contributions that I receive so you could see your name in print too!

Please either email me or complete this form to share any fun and educational activities with me.  My aim is to share these with other families and identify where they fit within the National Curriculum and how they can be adapted for other aged children.  

Thanking you in advance of your support.




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