First Aid for Youngsters

Jan 15, 2017

“Safety doesn't happen by accident." ~ Author Unknown

first-aid-850489_1920.jpgMany years ago I was taking a First Aid course for work.  My daughter Jade was about 4 years old and the evening before the exam I asked her to be my ‘casualty’. I needed to practice my bandaging, slings and life saving positions.  She was delighted and we of course swapped round so she could be the first aider.  The other thing we practiced was a phone call to the emergency services.

Jade was very proud the following day when I'd passed my assessment as she knew she'd helped me.

This practice session turned into a regular occurrence in our house, but more importantly we also came up with plans as to how my children would help if I was needed to give First Aid when we were out. They knew where the kit was in my boot and that they could get it but only bring it to me if we were on the same side of the road or if it was safe to do so. They knew to stay in my car with the hazard light flashing if I'd parked to give assistance.  This knowledge was used on more than one occasion and they were always brilliant.  I never had to worry about them when I was helping a casualty as they kept their heads and were very mature. 

Jade also asked to go on a course like Mummy had so as soon as she was 5 years old she joined St John Ambulance Badgers. She progressed into Cadets and used to go on First Aid duties. 

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