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Feb 25, 2012

“A library implies an act of faith.” ~ Hugo Victor

library.jpgI visited my village library this morning to pick up a book that I’d ordered online.  I probably pop in there about once a month although recently I’ve been downloading e-books.  Just another example of the modern technology seeping into our everyday lives.


It struck me how much the library is a hub in our community is.  Right next door is a children’s play park with the usual swings, see-saw, climbing frame and benches where adults can sit and gossip or just delight in watching their children enjoy the amenities.


There is currently a select committee enquiry into Library Closures:

The choice facing our society is not just about the provision of literature to those who can’t afford to buy books; it’s about a better quality of life.


Using a library improves your children’s reading ability according to National Literacy Trust.


There are many older citizens who visit the library for the company and as a means of keeping their heating bills down in the cold winter months.  With free internet access in our increasingly digital age, people who would otherwise be excluded from some services have a means of staying involved.  There are many more reasons why we should keep our libraries (see links below). If you can make it, you might be interested in the Parliamentary lobby & rally 13 March 2012


In a time when everybody is cutting back on expenses, a trip down to the library followed by playing strikes me as a great outing and one that I wish my children were young enough to consider doing with me again.  Ahh well, I’ll have to wait for the next generation.




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